Drone Batteries Bloating? Here's what you need to know...

One of the issues we have mentioned before is bloated batteries, often manifesting in the underside of the battery swelling out so that it's no longer flat. Currently, there is much speculation about what leads to batteries becoming bloated, with comments in forums indicating that it may be due to age, overcharging (leaving the battery on the charger long after it has completed a full charge), humidity and temperature, pushing the batteries to the limit etc. Here we've put together our collective experience to help you establish how you can preserve your batteries and what to do in the eventuality of a swollen battery.

Back 2 Basics: The Exposure Triangle & Photography Fundamentals - Let There Be Light

This series of posts is aimed at anyone who wants to familiarize (or re-familiarize) themselves with the basics of photography, giving yourself a strong understanding of the fundamentals on which to build out your photographic techniques.

The Ultimate DJI Mavic Spec Sheet - Key Mavic models compared

The Beyond Visuals team often has some heated discussions about our drone purchase choices, so more for our sake than yours, we've outlined the key specifications of every drone in the Mavic line up, including the now discontinued Mavic Air.

The Mavic Air 2 - should you buy it?

DJI's first product launch of 2020 is finally here and, after a considerable amount of leaks, we now have a full look at the new drone that is the Mavic Air 2. 

9 Tips for Drone Pilots During Flight

9 top tips for drone pilots during their flights. How to return home safely and retrieve the footage you have taken.