A Quick Fly Through Hong Kong’s Love Affair With Skyscrapers

Here at Beyond Visuals, we live for the giddy thrill of zipping around Hong Kong’s skyline. Being able to take in the details of our beautiful modern skyscrapers from dizzying altitudes, well, literally tops it off. Read more for our story on Hong Kong's skyscrapers - past and present.

Hand Catching Your Drone - How To Do It And What You Need To Know

In certain situations it's possible to use your hands to both safely launch and land your drone, avoiding any obstacles or injury in the process. In this article, we're going to have a look at how and why you may want to catch your drone on landing.

The Drone Accessories Buyers Guide mid-2020 - Get More Out of Your Drone

It's honestly quite surprising how many people we meet who have been flying drones for quite a while, but remain completely unaware as to the wide variety of accessories that are out there and how they can unlock the potential of your drone. I know because I'm speaking from experience, and I can tell you that moving from the 'uninitiated' to the 'initiated' really shows you just how much some simple add-ons can up your entire aerial photography game - think of Saiyan to Super Saiyan...or beyond.

The Apple Glass - What it could mean for aerial and conventional photography

In our latest post, the Beyond Visuals team discusses the applications for the upcoming rumoured Apple Glass and how it could be used for aerial and conventional photography.

Drone Batteries Bloating? Here's what you need to know...

One of the issues we have mentioned before is bloated batteries, often manifesting in the underside of the battery swelling out so that it's no longer flat. Currently, there is much speculation about what leads to batteries becoming bloated, with comments in forums indicating that it may be due to age, overcharging (leaving the battery on the charger long after it has completed a full charge), humidity and temperature, pushing the batteries to the limit etc. Here we've put together our collective experience to help you establish how you can preserve your batteries and what to do in the eventuality of a swollen battery.