Drone Photography at Night - Tips on Shooting and Editing

City shots at night are visually appealing.  Similar to night photography in general, here are some tips on shooting and editing from our own experiences.

Before we proceed, be mindful that certain parts of the world do not allow flying drones at night! Do check before you take flight.

The Beyond Visuals Kit List - John Huang

'What's in your bag?' is one of the most commonly asked questions of many photographers and vloggers who share their content online. For the Beyond Visuals team, what's in our bag depends very much on which member you ask. For this reason we'll be asking each member of the team to give a breakdown of their most commonly used products and a brief reason as to why they have chosen to include this kit in their bag. 

Features we'd like to see in the upcoming Mavic 3 Pro

Beyond Visuals will avoid rampant guessing and speculation as to a release date or period and turn our attention towards our desired features list. The Mavic 2 Pro was a huge step up from the Mavic Pro, but there are still certain things we'd like to see in the next upgrade - here's a few things we're hoping for...

Drone Photography - 10 Important tips before you fly

In order to help you understand the precautions you can take before you even lift off, the Beyond Visuals team has pooled their collective drone experience to offer you ten tips you should take note of before you even fly. We hope that these tips will help you in your journey to improve your drone photography, potentially saving you a lot of trouble and hassle that we have experienced in the past.