Flying Drones in Cold Weather

Things to look after flying in the cold. Tips & tricks.

Modifying your Drone Remote - What works and what doesn't?

We have been asked at various points in time in the past - is that a modded drone antenna? What does it do? Is it really good? Does it make you high? Read on to find out.

The Great Outdoors - Bernie Ng

Hong Kong’s countryside is beautiful - we have some great beaches, stunning mountains, lovely hikes, and some dramatic scenery on offer.  And here at Beyond Visuals, we’re dedicated to showcasing some of these great views from the air as well.  Here is a selection of our favourite locations outside the concrete jungle.  You should check these places out for yourself if you have not already done so, and you can grab these shots as prints to take a bit of the Hong Kong countryside home with you!

Hyperlapse Series - Advanced Tips for Shooting and Editing of Holygrail Hyperlapses

How do we edit holy grail (day to night / night to day) timelapses or hyperlapses? What are the techniques involved, and how do you post-process them? Read on to find out!

BV Product Review - The Sony ZV-1

Both John and I decided to purchase the Sony ZV-1 around a month ago, but for very different reasons. For John, he was looking for a compact, high quality camera that can shoot 4K timelapses and requires minimal setup, essentially a portable all round solution that left his main camera (a Sony A7R3) available for actual photography use whilst the ZV-1 dealt could be occupied with timelapse capture.