BV Product Review - The Sony ZV-1

Both John and I decided to purchase the Sony ZV-1 around a month ago, but for very different reasons. For John, he was looking for a compact, high quality camera that can shoot 4K timelapses and requires minimal setup, essentially a portable all round solution that left his main camera (a Sony A7R3) available for actual photography use whilst the ZV-1 dealt could be occupied with timelapse capture.

Long Distance Droning - How to get your drone home

As drone and battery technology have developed, so to have the maximum flight distance you can take your drone. Whilst it's always recommended to keep your drone in VLOS (visible line of sight), we understand the urge to scratch the itch to get a specific angle or shot that requires going the extra distance. We've shared our collective experience with you to ensure that in the eventuality you have to fly long-distance, you can minimise risk factors to get your drone back.

Hyperlapse Series - Editing and Post-processing

How to edit hyperlapses from DJI drones, using Adobe Lightroom and Premiere Pro.

Droning in Cities: The Ultimate Guide

Aerial photography to capture city pictures carries an inherent risk - rather than your expensive camera sitting quietly in front of you on a stable tripod, it's whizzing about in the air above you, snapping photos at a distance. However, whilst risk exists, there are ways to minimize it to ensure that you are piloting your drone in a way that doesn't endanger yourself or others. In this post we've outlined the complete list of things you can do before and during your drone flight that will help you achieve the results you want with your aerial photography, in a safe, responsible manner.

Hyperlapse Series - How do we take them on Drones?

Hyperlapse modes on DJI drones; and how to use them.  Get your Hyperlapse journey started with us!