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Well hello there! It's been a while - thanks for bearing with us. We've got some great updates for you to tell you more about what we've been working on, one of which is included below. Have a read and we'll get back to you shortly with more interesting information about upcoming drone releases and aerial photography tips.

As dedicated photographers, our main goal is continually hone our skill set in the pursuit of capturing the perfect moment, dedicating our time, effort and quite a lot of hard-earned cash to get some banger shots. We do it because we love the feeling of heading back home with an SD card full of great images that we can continue to drool over as we edit. We do it because when we look back on that specific point in time, standing there behind our cameras or flying our drones, we can say we were there to witness it.'  We do it out of love, passion, determination and constant desire to improve. We also do it because we like seeing our images being displayed on the giant screens of an outdoor cinema in Hong Kong.

That's right, the Beyond Visuals team is proud to say that our images are currently on display at The Grounds, an outdoor cinema venue that holds showings of classic movies slap bang in the middle of central Hong Kong. We've chosen some of our best images and a short description about ourselves to be featured on the screens at the event, giving you something to enjoy just before your movie starts. 

We managed to pop down there to check out the venue and have a look at what the Grounds is showing on their screens. It really is amazing to see so many classic masterpieces shown on a screen that size - and the movies are pretty good too (badum-tsss) 

If you have some time to check out a movie at the event (and we suggest you find some to do so), you might see our artwork pop up on screen. If you're lucky enough to do so, please do whip out your phone, snap a pic and send to us to be featured - we'd love to see it. 

In the meantime, don't forget to check out our prints section for updated prints or drop us a message to say hi.

Speak soon. 

 The Beyond Visuals Team


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