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Modifying your Drone Remote - What works and what doesn't?

We have been asked at various points in time in the past - is that a modded drone antenna? What does it do? Is it really good? Does it make you high? Read on to find out.

Droning in Cities: The Ultimate Guide

Aerial photography to capture city pictures carries an inherent risk - rather than your expensive camera sitting quietly in front of you on a stable tripod, it's whizzing about in the air above you, snapping photos at a distance. However, whilst risk exists, there are ways to minimize it to ensure that you are piloting your drone in a way that doesn't endanger yourself or others. In this post we've outlined the complete list of things you can do before and during your drone flight that will help you achieve the results you want with your aerial photography, in a safe, responsible manner.

Hyperlapse Series - How do we take them on Drones?

Hyperlapse modes on DJI drones; and how to use them.  Get your Hyperlapse journey started with us!

Hand Catching Your Drone - How To Do It And What You Need To Know

In certain situations it's possible to use your hands to both safely launch and land your drone, avoiding any obstacles or injury in the process. In this article, we're going to have a look at how and why you may want to catch your drone on landing.

Back 2 Basics: The Exposure Triangle & Photography Fundamentals - Let There Be Light

This series of posts is aimed at anyone who wants to familiarize (or re-familiarize) themselves with the basics of photography, giving yourself a strong understanding of the fundamentals on which to build out your photographic techniques.