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Will is French photographer. He started photography as a teenager, driven by the desire to freeze and record moments of his life. At the age of 12 years old, he couldn't see himself going out without his Minolta camera and a pack of ISO 400 36 exposure rolls in his backpack, driven by the urge to capture unique moments that could never be reproduced. 

As an aspiring software engineer, Will's scientific mind quickly grasped the technical aspect of photography - if you ask his parents they'll tell you that one of the best uses he got out of his first camera was taking it apart completely (he never put it back together again). It also means that he has a fantastic ability to determine the position, focal length and distance of a specific shot without ever having visited the location. His composition techniques vary from casual shots to complex combinations of angles, calculations and physics.

As his techniques developed, Will took his photography on the road, visiting multiple countries on his own to try his hand at new styles of photography, including landscape, timelapse and astro photography. Applying his technological approach to these new photography genres ensured that he achieved stunning results, capturing some truly spectacular images.

His foray into different photography types continued with his first drone purchase, a DJI Mavic Pro, a piece of equipment that took his photography to new heights (if you'll excuse the overly-used pun). Using his drone he developed an interest in cityscape photography, generating new and unseen perspectives of impressive architectural structures that build up city skylines.

Moving to Hong Kong fit nicely with this interest in cityscapes, and it was here that he met the rest of the Beyond Visuals team. Since his time out here, Will's photos of Hong Kong and his entire photographic process behind them have continued to inspire, and it's always exciting to see what direction he'll go in next.

In his free time you'll find Will with his nose buried in code, still taking things apart (but putting them back together now) and drinking (almost dangerous amounts of) coffee. 


Photographer's Highlights:

He was voted as one of the top 5 “Best Aerial Photos of 2020” on Agora Images.


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