Collection: Martin Lee

Martin created Visualspassport in 2017 when he bought his first drone after significant inspiration from the early drone photographers on Instagram.  Born and raised in Hong Kong and working in the Architecture and Construction industry; Martin holds particular interest in architectural and cityscape photography.  He is constantly pushing the limits of his drone to explore new angles; as well as new ways to play with different lighting conditions.

Despite only commencing drone photography in 2017, he has been on a DSLR for years.  He is also keen in astro, automobile and landscape photography.  His particular love of Aurora Borealis had him visit Iceland and Norway - twice each, and he's still not had enough of the icy landscapes.

Since 2019, he has been pushing new boundaries of drone hyperlapsing.  His hyperlapses are considered to be some of the most dynamic seen on Instagram.

Martin has worked continually with major Automobile, Hospitality and Real Estate brands in Hong Kong, and is constantly seeking new challenges to create innovative content for his clients.

Photographer's Highlights:

He was shortlisted in the Top 50 in several of Agora's Photography Competitions, including #Aerial2020, #Colorful2020, and #Geometry2020.

He was mentioned as one of the top 20 “Most Influential Drone Pilots of 2019 and Who to Watch in 2020” on Dronemultimedia.
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