Collection: Martin Lee

Martin created Visualspassport in 2017 when he bought his first drone after significant inspiration from the early drone photographers on Instagram.  Born and raised in Hong Kong and working in the Architecture and Construction industry; Martin holds particular interest in architectural and cityscape photography. As a motorsport fan, he is deeply interested in automotive photography, and has worked with major brands including Maserati and Mercedes-Benz in Hong Kong.

Martin has worked continually with major Automotive, Hospitality and Real Estate brands in Hong Kong, and is constantly seeking new challenges to create innovative content for his clients.

Photographer's Highlights:

  • Shortlisted in the Top 50 in several of Agora's Photography Competitions, including #Aerial2020, #Colorful2020, and #Geometry2020.
  • Finalist in Siena Drone Photo Awards 2022 - Urban Category 
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