Collection: John Huang

For John Huang (The Co-Founder of JSRPIXEL) drone photography and videography is a life long passion, something that inspires hope, courage and a beautiful life. He fell in love with drone right away after flying his first mini drone two years ago. The event made him appreciate the new aerial perspectives that has not been seen before. The beauty of landscapes, city scape was since been captured by him with a drone for story telling to ignite memories and passion.

As a hobbyist living in Hong Kong, he started by doing drone-potograhpy during holidays, this was just for fun and he had no serious ambition. But what started as a humble holiday snapshot session has led him to explore other innovative ways of drone photography and videography to capture images that inspire and tell a story. He did not have much knowledge about photos and did not want to be just any ordinary photographer.

The urge to prosper in photography drove him to seek for tips and information from inspiring photographers in the industry. Watching travel and landscape photographers from the National Geographic and other channels has been one of his way to learn all the tricks and skills that the professional photographers used to capture great images. His background working for the creative industry has help him to keep coming up with new ideas to capture drone-photography and videography.

The city of Hong Kong was a unique place for anyone who could take great photos of the architecture and landscape in one shot and he would like to share these beauties to his audience.

Photographer's Highlights:

He was mentioned as one of the top 20 “Most Influential Drone Pilots of 2019 and Who to Watch in 2020” on Dronemultimedia.


He was featured in the French Magazine Trait d’Union in Hong Kong 

He was one of the nominees in the 2019 Boston Drone Film Festival in the URBAN catagory. 

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