Collection: John Huang

John (The Co-Founder of JSRPIXEL) is a Hong Kong based photographer. For him, photography and videography have always been a lifelong passion and he sees them as a medium to inspire creativity, hope, courage and storytelling.

When John was younger, he enjoyed helping his parents take casual photos and videos during trips or family events. He didn’t start to take photography seriously until he attended a black and white photography workshop at school to learn how to develop a photo by himself. Only then he realised the true meaning and joy behind taking photos. This has led him to drill down more into photography ever since.
John is also an architectural designer and needs to be innovative and creative at work as well. This professional training has been very beneficial to him in both the creative and architectural aspects of photography.

Most people would agree that Hong Kong is a true heaven for urban photographers. This fits nicely with John’s interest in buildings and cityscapes. That is why you see much of his work is taken in the urban environment.

Thanks to the evolution of drone technology, John’s latest obsession has been in the field of aerial photography, aiming to capture previously unseen perspectives that have now been made more accessible by drones. He has grasped the opportunity to use this new and emerging art form to capture the amazing cityscape in Hong Kong and share it with the world.

He met with the rest of the Beyond Visuals team, all of whom share common interests in both street and aerial photography. In his free time, you’ll find John exploring and challenging himself with different types of photography and videography ideas with his Beyond Visuals crew and other photographers. He never settles with a simple shot, which has driven him to never stop learning new techniques for creating unique photos.

Photographer's Highlights:

He was mentioned as one of the top 20 “Most Influential Drone Pilots of 2019 and Who to Watch in 2020” on Dronemultimedia.


He was featured in the French Magazine Trait d’Union in Hong Kong 

He was one of the nominees in the 2019 Boston Drone Film Festival in the URBAN catagory. 

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