Collection: Blair Sugarman

Blair first picked up a camera as a young child and, after chewing on it for a lengthy period of time, threw it down the stairs where it landed at the feet of his horrified father. Despite this initial mishap and being forbidden to go near a camera for a very long time, Blair's curiosity in photography prevailed, and he would often visit electronics stores and hang around the camera section before being distracted by the latest range of Macbooks flashing at him from the corner.

If you ask him directly, he will say that his first foray into actual photography was 'designing an exclusive set of wallpapers for iOS', a claim that has since been refuted by the many managers of the electronic stores he visited in his youth who state that he 'would periodically drop in to the stores to take selfies and switch the background of every single damn phone to his own face.'  Upon further pressing, Blair begrudgingly admits this, but claims that his photos provided an emotional offering that elevated the purchasing experience for the local clientele.

After discovering how to use an actual camera, Blair worked tirelessly on a minimalistic photography project entitled 'The Blackness of Night', a series of works that employed the use of 'extreme negative space' to convey the emptiness of the nocturnal environment. The project garnered critical acclaim, with critics calling the work 'profound and thought-provoking' and 'an exercise in pure emptiness'. It was only after the exhibit's completion that Blair realised he had left the lens cap on for the entirety of the shoot. 

Recently Blair moved to Hong Kong where he met with the rest of the Beyond Visuals team and bonded over their shared love of drone photography. Despite being the photography newbie of the group, the rest of the team welcomed him with open arms and continue to share their wisdom and gentle encouragement, often giving advice like: 'No Blair, you can't lick the camera sensor clean' and 'No Blair, DJI doesn't stand for 'Drone Jockeys Inc.''

In his free time Blair enjoys walking his camera and licking peanut butter off a spoon.

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