Collection: Bernie Ng


Bernie developed an interest in landscape photography towards the end of university, when he had to chance to travel widely as part of his exchange program.  He joined Instagram in 2014, and discovered the world of architectural photography.  He became fascinated with the possibilities brought forth by symmetry, repetition, parallel lines, colours and textures.  In particular, Bernie was inspired by the work of trailblazers such as Peter Stewart (@petestew), who taught him to always do a double-take around buildings to find unique angles, and the late Michael Wolf, whose seminal work “Architecture of Density” is never far from his mind when he’s out looking for his next shot.

Bernie became interested in drones and aerial photography as part of his quest to find new compositions.  In a city defined by its verticality and density, Hong Kong is a fantastic place for Bernie to explore his passion for architectural and cityscape photography.

Photography Style

Bernie shoots primarily using my DJI Mavic 2 Zoom drone, but sometimes shoots using his iPhone.

Bernie has an inherent fascination with symmetry, repetition, parallel lines, bold colours and textures.  A lot of his work revolves around finding one or more of these elements and creating a strong composition around it.  The Zoom allows for compressed, tightly composed images from a distance, which is critical for his work.

Bernie has a particular love for Hong Kong’s public housing estates.  Their architectural style is unique, and they are built on such a massive scale that allows for some striking images.  When people see his work, they are often struck by the number of apartments stacked on top of one other over and over again. 


You can find Bernie’s photography in print in Trope City Edition: Hong Kong ( and From Above: The Story of Aerial Photography (  Bernie’s work has also appeared in Being Hong Kong, a progressive quarterly magazine.

One of his most interesting assignments so far was for Deustche Welle, Germany’s national broadcaster.  Bernie partnered with them to prepare a report on Hong Kong’s housing and societal challenges - and accompanying that were lots of aerial shots of our unique buildings.

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