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Modifying your Drone Remote - What works and what doesn't?

We have been asked at various points in time in the past - is that a modded drone antenna? What does it do? Is it really good? Does it make you high? Read on to find out.

Drone Batteries Bloating? Here's what you need to know...

One of the issues we have mentioned before is bloated batteries, often manifesting in the underside of the battery swelling out so that it's no longer flat. Currently, there is much speculation about what leads to batteries becoming bloated, with comments in forums indicating that it may be due to age, overcharging (leaving the battery on the charger long after it has completed a full charge), humidity and temperature, pushing the batteries to the limit etc. Here we've put together our collective experience to help you establish how you can preserve your batteries and what to do in the eventuality of a swollen battery.